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Latest User Reviews

I found it to be the smoothest whiskey that I have ever tried (15. My wife who does NOT like whiskey, also found it enjoyable.
Don't know what this is like as the poor service and communication of world of whiskies means I couldn't buy it after ordering on line. Don't be fooled by their promises !!!
Surprisingly complex smooth and raisin flavour, realy like it.
I was very excited to order that Whiskey based on trying the Balvenie Double Wood 12, expecting a very smooth h. Unfortunately what I got was very different from my expectations, none of the smoothness and a bit of alcohol burn and you wait for the layers of flavor but they just don't come at all, tried it several times but just couldn't get there. If you are looking for a smooth Speyside Whisky with a strong honey character and a lingering bouquet in the palette, your money will be better spent somewhere else. Last to mention is the price tag on this Whiskey, definitely not a value buy.
Interesting and sweet to start with but the long tangy finish is a bit out of place.
Probably a good value sherry cask bottle for starters and only if you haven't tried anything better.