About Us

World of Whiskies first opened in 1992. Its philosophy was to offer a commendable collection of fine whiskies including many exclusive, rare and vintage bottles from around the world and thanks to the success of the original 2 stores, several more have been opened. In 2009 the number of stores now total 7.

Whilst we offer a range of highly sought after rare bottles we also offer niche lines from major distilleries, from single malts, single grains, pure malts and blends to bourbons - bringing a comprehensive range of this most diverse of sought after spirit.

Our expert staff have been highly trained to offer an exceptionally high level of service that has now become synonymous with the World of Whiskies.

Please take some time to browse our latest articles and additions across our products ranges featured throught the website - which also details our latest Whisky promotions.

World of Whiskies is a member of the Autogrill group. For more information about Autogrill, please visit the Autogrill website.