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Tasting Notes

Both Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel and Silver Select come from a single barrel which means that no barrel ever tastes the same. Our Master Distiller will select barrels that have a distinguishing taste and put them to the top of the barrel house to finish maturing. Here they get exposed to the extreme changes in the Tennessee whether which means the whiskey gets sucked deep into American White Oak barrels. This intensifies the flavor of the Whiskey meaning that some have a strong oak and vanilla flavor while others benefit from nutty citrus notes. Silver Select comes in at a higher ABV (50%) which intensifies the flavors even more.

Distillery Notes

The Jack Daniel's Distillery is the oldest registered distillery in the US. Based in the small town of Lynchburg, Tennessee, It is where every drop of Jack Daniel's is and ever will be made due the natural, iron free cave spring water that flows here. It's the charcoal mellowing in the rickyard that makes Jack Daniel's a Tennessee Whisky and NOT a Bourbon. It's a labor of love from the skilled team that make the charcoal but we hope you agree that it's worth it!


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