Transferring Flights

In between your journey could be an ideal time to browse through the shopping sections of the airport, particularly if you have a few hours waiting time until your next flight. Being aware of security considerations to be able to do this is very important.

If you wish to buy liquids, pastes and gels, and are transferring flights after leaving our airport, or returning on the same day, please speak to a member of staff or call the Customer Support Team before your journey on +44 (0)17 8447 5509, Monday to Friday 09.00 to 17.00 (excluding bank holidays)

Alternatively please e mail our team for advice using the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." mce_' + path + '\'' + prefix + ':' + addy58175 + '\'>'+addy_text58175+'<\/a>'; //-->

*Please note that you will not be able to purchase liquids, pastes or gels over 100ml if your final destination is Australia*

You can find up-to-date information about hand luggage limits, and exactly what can and can't be taken in the cabin by selecting the airport that you are flying from below:

Below are the most frequent questions that we encounter with 'Transferring Flights'

Can I still buy and carry on my tax and duty free goods in-between flights?

Yes, absolutely (but to be clear this is only with items purchased after security checks). Also, if you are flying within the EU you can have it stored until you come back using the Shopping collection Service, please follow the link for more details or ask any of the World of Whiskies staff.

Can I buy water and food in the departure lounge to take on board the flight?

Yes you can take water on board flights when transferring to the next flight.

Can I buy duty and tax free goods if I am flying to the USA?

Yes. If you are on a direct flight to the USA, you can 'fly with everything you buy' after security. If you are transferring within the USA or Canada you will need to place your purchases over 100ml in your hold baggage, which all passengers have to pick up before transferring to their next flight. Please speak to a member of staff for more details.

I will be transiting through your airport. What happens to any tax and duty-free shopping (liquid purchases) that I have purchased at my departure airport (EU community country)?

So long as your shopping is intact and you have proof-of-purchase within the 24 hours prior to this, you will be allowed to carry your purchases onto your next flight in a tamper evident bag (with proof of purchase). However if you go straight through passport control and the baggage hall you will not be allowed to take those purchases back through security and so will have to pack them into your hold luggage.

I am transferring through your airport and I will have come from the United States of America. I understand in the USA, I am now allowed to carry small amounts of liquid, such as toiletries,
in a clear bag as part of my hand baggage. Is this the same at your airport?

Yes but no container must be more than 100mls.

What about liquids if I am connecting from the EU?

If you are arriving from the EU, you can fly with all liquids purchased from your originating airport or on board your inbound flight, providing you have proof of purchase and the item was bought less than 24 hours previously. If you are arriving from outside of the EU all liquids must be in individual containers not greater than 100ml capacity. They must be placed in one transparent re-sealable bag, no larger than 20x20cm in size. It must be fastened closed.